Monday, August 25, 2008

Mohawk Galore!

Yesterday, I discovered some interesting things. Games besides Myst and Riven use the Mohawk engine! Amazing (as LordHoto would say)!

Some of the games include:
- Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
- Logical Journey of the Zoombinis
- Where in America is Carmen Sandiego? (The Great Amtrak Train Adventure)
- The Treehouse
- Maggie's Barnyard Adventure
- James Discovers Math
- James Explores Math

However, there are differences. First off, they use a different graphics format. While they have the same resource tag as Riven's images, it's clearly different. I've been mapping out some resources, but there are still some I don't understand.

Also, the QuickTime movies have a weird codec. Its FourCC is 'Brod' and described as "CDToons". Anyone know anything about this codec?

On a brighter note, they all use the same sound format! :D

Well, after I have Riven completed, I might look a bit more into these. :)

Speaking of Riven, I've fixed some more bugs! There are still some major showstopper bugs (which I think are script related), however. I'll be focusing all my attention to stomping out those bugs now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August Update

Hello everyone!

Despite the lack of blog posts, I'm still here! (Maybe :P)

I've mostly been concentrating on Myst and Riven. Small fixes here and there, support for Myst ME sound, better support of Riven CD's sound, some work on Riven's transitions, and some hotspot work for Myst.

However, I really cannot figure out anything else out about Myst hotspot's without RE. I've only been making guesses at how it works (which conforms to most of the cases I've looked at) but I have been able to identify where the rects are (and they match where they should be on screen). So, I'm probably going to begin RE. But, as usual, I have a problem. I have not been able to open the Win3.1 version of Myst (the one I have) in IDA Freeware. However, Myst ME's executable is for Win95, so I could start with that. I don't have the original Win95 version (published by Red Orb, identical to Win3.1 version) so I cannot test that out.

I also looked a tiny bit at Myst/Riven PSX. The Myst videos end in .str, which should mean PlayStation Streams, but they don't match the format. Instead they begin with 0x60 0x01 0x01 0x80. So do the Riven videos with the .pac extension. Riven PSX seems to be almost entirely hardcoded, likely because of the slowness of Myst PSX.

And, on a sadder note, my laptop has some major errors in it and crashes randomly with random color/stripes all over the screen. I'm pretty sure it's a logic board problem.

Also, the HE SCUMM Wii games come out in 6 days! :)