Monday, November 29, 2010

Surprise Update #2

Poof again!

bgK has finished coding the Selenitic age for Myst! Feast upon the glory that is the best looking (IMO) and also the hardest (by far). I cannot be paid to solve the maze runner puzzle with all the bleeps, sweeps, and creeps (Yes, I just went there) so I don't blame you if you cheat on the maze runner. If anyone wants to try, they'll need to use the debug console and run "changeStack Selenitic 1282".

Screenshot time!

Does the door really need to close behind you?

Actually, this has always worked. I just like fire.


In Your Tunnel

Does anyone actually do this puzzle?

What hell truly looks like

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Surprise Update #1


fuzzie has done some great work on Living Books code for Mohawk in ScummVM and the games are very very very playable. Go try them out (along with our collection of near-infinite demos)! v1 games (the older, 512x384 ones) work near perfectly while the v3 games (640x480) have some new features that aren't fully supported yet. And now time for obligatory screenshots along with random semi-humorous subtitles provided by me.

A Way-Too-Happy Book

Fast Decaying Ham

Riding a Dog

Creeping Logo

Arturo, por favor

Eternal Third-Grade Punishment

Monday, November 22, 2010

Near Thanksgiving

Is this thing still on?

I have (sadly) neglected this blog for far too long. But, fear not! I am not dead (much)!

First off, the big kahuna. Riven is completable in the trunk. It actually has been for a while. I should have posted about it earlier... Ah well. It was a quiet night. August 31. I remember it as if it were only three months ago. At 11:47 PM, local time, I was able to complete the game in my local checkout without using the debug console (I did know the marble puzzle answer and Riven numerals previously, however). Soon after it became completable, I also implemented the marble puzzle itself.

Is it a big accomplishment? Probably. Is Riven supported now? Hell no. I still have to implement a few of the puzzles that help give you the marble puzzle solution and Riven numeral meanings. There's also some visual things that need to be done (which have no effect on the actual gameplay). There should be no major bugs in the game right now either, just missing features, which is a definite plus. Also, please don't submit bug reports yet!

Secondly, there is nothing else to report on. I found another SCI 1.1 Mac game (Hoyle 4) and did some other coding for stuff I can't really remember at this point. And I improved support for the Riven demo a bit so that the intro now plays when starting and you have the ability to hit that nice Exit button at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot time!

Hot Demo Action

Some Fun with Marbles

"Care to join us?"

Tune in soon for some updates on currently in-progress Mohawk code (some of which isn't written by me!). Until next time... Shablagoo!!!!