Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mohawk in 16bpp

Since Jody's 16bpp branch is really taking form now and the API is pretty much all there, I figured it was time to take a shot at Riven in 16bpp. After only a few minutes, I was able to convert Riven to using the new API. I'll give you a few comparison shots.

First, we have this lovely shot in the village on jungle island overlooking the lake. Note the lovely submarine in the upper right as well as the dock on the other side.

*waves the 16bpp wand*

And one more. This time of the submarine before you lower it. Note the malformed colors on both the submarine and the handle.

*does some more magic*

Now that's much better. The difference is quite apparent. Also, notice how the bottom is all black now. The black index in all the palettes differs. Not only that, but I would have to remap the images of the inventory on every card swap. The original game didn't work in 8bpp mode anyway, only 24bpp. 16bpp is good enough for now.

This is really only an experiment currently. But soon enough, it will pave the way for videos and the inventory. More posts soon, including that video I promised.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

June Update!

Welcome to June!

I have been working on Mohawk the last week and have, most importantly, fixed some video bugs. I killed off a video-related segfault and (finally) fixed Cinepak's color. I'll have some videos up later in the week showcasing Mohawk's ability to (ab)use the Overlay to play a Cinepak video :P

I also had some Myst fixes, though it doesn't make the game more playable or anything. I shall be working on Mohawk more this week and then probably not again until July (lots of stuff to do and vacation). We'll see how much I get done :P

Riven will once again be the focus of my efforts. Though, Myst and RTZ PSX will be temptations to look at :P

Oh, and make sure you buy Tales of Monkey Island. I know I will! :P