Sunday, November 08, 2009

Legacy of Time 10th Anniversary

Earlier this year, Tommy Yune, conceptual artist on most of the Journeyman Project series posted on his Journeyman Project blog that Presto Studios would be re-releasing Legacy of Time for Mac OS X as a 10th Anniversary Special Edition. This was put on hold after the evil QuickTime 7.6/7.6.1 bugs that caused Cinepak videos to not display properly.

On October 30, the game was available to order. I ordered as soon as I possibly could. And, it came yesterday. I played as normal, and as usual, pretty much everything came back to me about playing the game (I'm not done yet, but I did find two parts of the legacy already!).

One of the interviews mentioned there was a new easter egg in the game. It obviously caught my attention. Now, instead of looking through the game for the new one, I set off looking at the data files. Most of the files seem the same from the original PC DVD version (from 1998), but some of the dates are different. For instance, the final cutscene has a date from January of this year, so it was probably modified a bit.

Then, I was looking through some of the El Dorado videos, and lo and behold, a video had a date from 3/13/08. It has been touched since the original release! Looking at it, it's the video with the pool animations (EP/ At the end of the video is the new easter egg involving a whack-a-rat type joke with the idol heads around the pedestal with the legacy. I haven't figured out how to trigger it in game yet, but that is the next step.

Also, while the interviews seem to suggest improved graphics, the files all have the same 6/25/1998 date (minus those couple videos, unless I missed some), so the files all have the original DVD release's graphics and they haven't been updated since then.

Easter eggs cannot hide from me! :P

Friday, November 06, 2009

The ScummVM Logo: A Lookback

If you didn't notice, ScummVM has an updated logo. So, in honor of that (even though it's a week late), I've taken the liberty of compiling all the ScummVM logos throughout history. Much thanks to I just thought it was interesting how far it has evolved. Of course, I came much later and missed out on the old logos... (And, does anyone remember that first one?)

Ancient (2001):

Early 2002: (Website Redesign)

Late 2002:

Late 2005: (Website Redesign)

Late 2009: (Capitalization)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

November Already!

Here we are. November. And when was the last blog post? A month and half ago? Bah! It's been too long!

Riven has improved a lot. Loads of hardcoded functions have been filled in, it's slowly becoming more completable. The marble puzzle is just bypassed currently because I haven't gotten around to its logic. So, you can now get up to trying to access one of the lesser domes. And, if you use the debug console, the game is actually completable. Whaddya know?!? Some other bugs (including another QuickTime scaling bug! Egad!) were fixed.

That's great and all. But, really, the biggest piece of progress has been in Myst. Around the time of my last post, a new developer came forward (digitall) and has been working on various portions of Myst bringing it up to a highly playable state. Myst is now explorable and Stoneship is also accessible from the start. Screenshots? Of course! Videos? No!