Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I'm not dead! I feel happy!

It's been so long since the last post that Blogger completely changed their editing interface (OK, not really a joke since Google seems to change their GUI with everything at regular intervals to confuse the public at large).

A few things for this update:

1) The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime is now supported in daily builds of ScummVM. Rejoice! And stay tuned for more news!

2) ScummVM April Fools Jokes™ will return next year with a vengeance (blame DrMcCoy, probably).

3) If you're able to recall when posts happened more regularly than yearly, you might remember this post, which I followed up saying I uploaded modified ScummVM code to a branch. Then last year I wrote a small player for the videos so I didn't have to hack directly in ScummVM anymore -- and then added support for Outlaws (proper 1/4 sized raw frames), Mysteries of the Sith, and (partially) Rebel Assault SegaCD.

LordHoto's favorite level (Sega CD version)
Mysteries of the Sith, Level 1 Opening
Oh, and I apologize if your comment didn't show up over the past few months. I screwed up with the admin settings on the blog and it never forwarded me e-mails! Sorry!