Monday, November 29, 2010

Surprise Update #2

Poof again!

bgK has finished coding the Selenitic age for Myst! Feast upon the glory that is the best looking (IMO) and also the hardest (by far). I cannot be paid to solve the maze runner puzzle with all the bleeps, sweeps, and creeps (Yes, I just went there) so I don't blame you if you cheat on the maze runner. If anyone wants to try, they'll need to use the debug console and run "changeStack Selenitic 1282".

Screenshot time!

Does the door really need to close behind you?

Actually, this has always worked. I just like fire.


In Your Tunnel

Does anyone actually do this puzzle?

What hell truly looks like


Nolendil said...

Thanks for all the good news.

Trevor said...

so will Myst run in Scummvm now with the mohawk plugin? Would I just use the windows version of Myst?

clone2727 said...

@Trevor: Myst has been able to run in the SVN version of ScummVM since last December. This is just an update on the progress.

You will need the original Windows version of Myst or any Myst Masterpiece Edition.

Hoopes said...

This is one of my favorite games. Keep up the good work!