Friday, September 19, 2008

September Update

Hello everyone! Still here (mostly)!

First, here's some screenshots:

(That would be our friend Cho, the lever to open the temple door, and the RAWA easter egg in order.)

So, here's what's been happening:

New Features:
- Saving games! Yay! (Note: Not yet tested with the original game, but it should work)
- Basic work towards zip mode, still not working 100%.

Fixes Made:
- Fixed some nasty script bugs. We forgot to reset the script to the beginning after using. Whoops! ;)
- Improved cursor handling. We mixed up some script types.
- Improved support for loading games, specifically between versions.
- Fixed most cards, they now all show!
- Fixed some other minor bugs.
- A whole lot more that I'm forgetting. :P

What's Not Working:
- Palette issues. Most of these are worked around, but it is very evident in some cases.
- Some bug in the image decoder doesn't handle some image correctly causing them to appear messed up or crash the game.

Missing Features:
- Video (still working on it!)
- Water Effects
- Transitions
- Most Puzzles; they're hardcoded
- Most ambient sounds do not work yet. This should be a relatively easy fix, I'm just too lazy to fix it. :P
- Inventory

Updates Made:
- Correct loading in of hotspots
- Script parser
- Uhhhh.... that's really about it. Most of the work has been concentrated on Riven.

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