Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eleven Years Strong

Happy Birthday Riven! Eleven years ago to-date you were released! It's a good thing LordHoto volunteered to bring the cake and DrMcCoy sent out all the invitations to the party! Only kidding... :P

OK, now for what I've been (or not been) working on:

- Fix a long standing bug in the ADPCM decoder
- Fix a bug with images that could crash the game

New Features:
- Support for ambient sounds in the background
- Missing Features: Fading and Track Volume
- Set variables so more of jungle island is explorable
- Improvements to the script dumper

New Features:
- Added some more opcode shells
- Still not much going on here... Riven's still the main focus. I'm going to look into some of the opcodes soon, though.

Let's hope I can get finished by Riven's 25th anniversary :P

1 comment:

DrMcCoy said...

I've already printed out the "Release and Happy 50th Anniversary"-double-party invitation cards... :P

And I've heard H070 has planned a failboat-shaped cake... :P