Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Video, Video, Video

So, I've worked much more on Mohawk the past week and a half, and I've added some new features and squashed some bugs. I cannot crash Riven anymore. :P (In addition to all the good Indy news... not the new game! Fate of Atlantis on Wii! :P)

I've also added support for the "water effect" of Riven, so it adds a cool touch to the background. The Rebel Tunnel puzzle is also beatable, meaning you can visit the rebel age (aka Tay). ;)

Today, I also worked on the videos again, and I pulled something off! See here for yourself!

As an extra bonus, here's a video of Riven too!


dg10050 said...

Very nice. I just found this project and I am extremely excited about what you are attempting here. Good luck. :)

clone2727 said...

Thank you :)