Friday, July 03, 2009

Myst in Windows 3.1/DOSBox

After yesterday's post, I obviously had to test Myst as well. Especially since that's what I'm working on (partially, at least :P). Using the same setup as yesterday, I began to install the application which installed smoothly. QuickTime, on the other hand, was not as cooperative. Apparently, someone else had my problem and I used the same solution to use the alternative QuickTime installer. Myst started up, and it worked perfectly. Beyond perfectly, really. I couldn't find one problem with the game. Everything just worked. The game is completable too. I've commemorated this with an image and a video.

The image was taken at exactly that time too (locally). Where's that constellation? :P

I also have been working on Myst more. I've experimented with some hotspots and the results are coming along. And I fixed some script parser bugs. Clicking on the book in the first screen actually works now. ;) More posts to come soon, hopefully...


Anonymous said...

Mind if I email you with the problems I'm having getting MYST to run on my DOSbox/Mac machine?

Chad said...

Thanks for the tip about the Quicktime 2.1.2 installer, that did the trick.

I set up DOSbox to always mount the Myst CD automatically. First, I copied the contents of the CD to a folder on my computer then added this line in the autoexec section of the DOSbox config file:

mount M /Path/to/MystCD -t cdrom

Replace the path with your own. The next time you start DOSbox, you will have an M drive with the Myst CD in it. I installed from this virtual drive and it works like a charm.

EJBSK8 said...

Dosbox, windows 3.1, and QuickTime 2.1.2. Works great!

Install QuickTime first inside windows 3.1 running in dosbox. Myst for windows 3.1 / win 95 runs perfectly

Thanks EJBSK8