Sunday, August 30, 2009

More of a Real Update (Kind of)

Seems everyone is expecting more updates from me, so here's a better one than the last one (which, if you didn't realize, was more of a joke than anything to spite Strangerke who has been pestering me for more blog updates. Besides, we should pester DrMcCoy who hasn't posted in two and a half months :P).

So, here goes. The last post showed off the main things that I had worked on in Mohawk for the past month-ish. Video is still getting better, sync slightly improved (works near perfectly in Myst, worse in Riven) and improved streaming of audio from QuickTime videos. The sync gets worse the longer the video is, but I have a solution to it that I will be implementing soon. Note that only Riven's intro videos currently play, there's still problems with other ones. Riven is indeed playable up to the marble puzzle, which as you might know, is one of the more complex puzzles in the game. I had a script parsing bug left in Riven since who knows when that I finally fixed and finally finished the boiler puzzle. It has so far been just a huge annoyance in working on the game. Hopefully, I won't have as much grief with the marble puzzle.... :P

Indeed the Making of Myst is supported. It's not much of a game, but it has some of the basics of the Myst flavor (yes, ST, flavor!) of Mohawk. It uses one resource/hotspot to show the video, which is now handled. Myst still is not playable beyond the intro.

Hopefully, if you've noticed the trunk, I also had a little SCI action going. Namely (very very very) early SCI32 support at the begging of DrMcCoy (who still hasn't fixed the Urban Runner bug!). I also added AVI/MSVideo1 support to the Windows version of SCI (specifically KQ6 in this case). The actual player I wrote for a dead-ish project/engine of mine that I started a while back, but never got off the ground due to it being completely hardcoded (as opposed to Riven's more complex puzzles only being hardcoded). Maybe after Mohawk (and other things) I'll get back to it. Riven is still my priority, don't worry! It was nice to take a short break and look at an engine that has next to no hardcoded-ness for once. In case you were wondering about SCI32's status, there really is nothing to report. At least GK1 and Torin start their scripts before having a crash with something or other (due to kernel functions not being implemented).

As promised for months and months and months, there will be a new gameplay video. I hope to get it up on YouTube on TUESDAY, so stop bugging me about it! :P

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