Saturday, September 12, 2009


Any of you out there who have played Myst or Riven know that the only thing that could possibly relate to that title in those games is Zip Mode.... which is now supported in Riven in the engine. :)

As for videos, I *did* make an attempt to make some yesterday. I actually made one, and then the program for capturing crashed on me when saving. I even beat the "Rebel Tunnel Puzzle" from memory. If anyone out there knows of a good program for capturing video on Mac OS X, leave a note in the comments. :P


Unknown said...

If you are on Snow Leopard you don't need an extra app. Quick Time will do the job for you.
Else there is ScreenSnapzPro from AmbrosiaSW

clone2727 said...

No, I'm still on Leopard. But that reminds me to order the $10 upgrade. I will try those later, thanks :)