Monday, July 19, 2010


The old "blue" theme was becoming old and dusty feeling. So, I've decided to use one of the new blogger templates. It's like stainless steel now. Not silver, I'm too cheap for that. OK, too poor for that. But you know what I'm getting at! Coming soon: "clone2727 Platinum" - where only followers who have purchased the "Clone2727's Blog Gold Package" can view the posts.

You can look forward to no other new changes and the occasional posting. That is all.

Also, if anyone dislikes the design (besides DrMcCoy), let me know! DrMcCoy will still be uploading those Halloween pictures somewhere. Thankfully, not here.

NOTE: This post was edited about 50 times, so if you see a different version, just laugh at my bad jokes there and move on. And yes, we do love DrMcCoy (Paid for by the Don't Force DrMcCoy to Work on Urban Runner Foundation™).


DrMcCoy said...


Nolendil said...

I prefered the old theme, too.
Bright backgrounds hurt my eyes T_T

clone2727 said...

Any better, you two?

DrMcCoy said...

I hate blue. Especially this light blue.

Nolendil said...

That's better now but dark text on light background is still evil :op