Sunday, August 22, 2010

Riven and Combinatorics

A short blog post today. I normally can't come up with something that's worthy of a full blog post anyway, so here's an attempt to post a bit more often. Take a look at this page which goes into detail of a lot of the combinations of puzzles in Riven. Gotta love that marble puzzle...

In the programming realm, I added support for drawing the dome combination and telescope combination in the lab journal and Catherine's journal, respectively. Screenshots of course!

Now you might say "But, clone, I can see where the numbers in Catherine's journal end and the page begins." Yes, you can. You also can in the original game. Nothing I can do to make it look better than what it does currently :P

And for those who are really interested and have forgotten the D'ni number system, the dome combo here is 2-6-16-18-22 and the telescope combination is 1-5-5-2-3.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that because Catherine's journal now displays the telescope combination, two more endings are now accessible from the beginning without using the debug console. \o/


Strangerke said...

Congratulations! :) Just to have an idea, do you know how many endings exist, and how many are already accessible?

clone2727 said...

Yes. There are four endings from the fissure, two on Tay from the trap book, three not on Tay from the trap book, and one from Gehn being impatient with you. 4+2+3+1=10. Of them all, two fissure ones, one on Tay, and one not on Tay are accessible. All the endings are bad :P