Monday, April 02, 2012

Filler Post

While I'm sure you're all waiting for a Pegasus Prime update, something completely useless will have to do in the meantime. Hopefully there will be a real update soon, stayed tuned! You can only get a sneak peek by seeing my tool for allowing games made in ScummVM to be played in the original interpreter again. In the meantime, you can hopefully appreciate the fact that you can now properly hear Gehn singing in Riven.

Some more exciting news: I was able to grab a copy of the ultra-rare Return to Zork Macintosh MPEG edition. Pretty much the same as the regular Mac version (and just as unsupported) but with a new MPEG-2 video layer of fun added on top. One day I'll finish RE'ing all those exotic versions of the game.

Speaking of which, I wrote PSX stream decoder for use in Broken Sword 1 and 2 (and Return to Zork) so now one can play those videos in all their half-resolution glory. I know, you're all very excited!

Switching gears.... For the one of you that may be interested, we did have a third idea for April Fools' this year that was replaced by the C# port joke. I came up with this idea after playing through Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers last year and it manifested itself in a photoshop that I happened to like enough to not just outright toss out.

Originally, there would have been a whole set of "advertisements in ScummVM" -- advertisements placed right into the games! The plan was going to insert a few things in such as making the soda machine in The Secret of Monkey Island a real Coca-Cola machine and using the pre-made "advertisement" of Foster's in a Beneath a Steel Sky.

Only one prototype was made of GK1, and hopefully someone out there gets the joke.

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