Friday, July 18, 2008

Hiding in the Myst

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busier than earlier in the summer. But, on the bright side, I still post more often than LordHoto. :P

So, my first Myst/Riven post. A while ago (on the forums) it sneaked out that an engine called "Mohawk" was in the works. Well, here it is.

One day, you'll see it in all it's glory, but it's still unstable. Riven is playable right now, though many puzzles aren't completable (due to their hardcoded nature), sound doesn't work right in the CD version (though I worked out something tonight that makes it sound better), and there isn't any video support yet. Here's a screenshot in the meantime:

Well, here's the staircase leading up from the magcar on Jungle Island (and, I mislabeled the image tspit instead of jspit), but no matter. (Note the lack of any inventory too). I'll try to upload more screenshots in the upcoming week.

The good news is, is that we can load games from the original version of Riven. Saving games isn't working yet.

OK, that's it. Just wanted to give you guys a look at what md5, sev, and myself have cooked up so far. Just enough to wet your tongues.

Oh, and here's a screenshot from Myst too (progress only began on Myst a few weeks ago, so it's far behind Riven):

There is really minimal support for Myst. Sound/graphics work, but its scripting (if you would call it scripting) is only capable of showing a few screens currently.


bananafighter said...


I am very interested in the multiplateform Myst port, so I have tons of questions:

-How did you managed to make Myst works ?
-Does it need a special ScummVW version or additionnal pluggins ?
-Is this the kind of pluggin you are working on ?
-Is there a beta version available for download ?

Thanks in advance.


clone2727 said...


I am working on the Mohawk plugin for ScummVM, but the code is not available to the public yet. It will be one day though.

Myst does not fully work yet, but I have some parts working. Riven is playable, but has some showstopper bugs and many puzzles have not been programmed in yet.

The work is based on "A Look Inside the Link" with some added functionality.

If you would like to contribute, I'm sure we could work something out ;)


Jean-Fran├žois Roy said...

Hey, I'm the guy working on Riven X.

Very impressive work so far! How far along are you now w/r to features?

If you're like to collaborate on figuring out missing information for Riven, I'd be happy to do what I can. Let me know!

clone2727 said...

Hello Jean-Francois!

Yes, I know you're working on Riven X, I've been following it for a long time (and I'm on the mailing list). :D

I haven't updated this, but Riven is almost fully playable, minus the puzzles. I have one major bug with the tBMP decoder that shouldn't be too hard to fix (using the width vs. bytesPerLine variables). I have minimal support for transitions (last I checked, it segfaulted :P), and I haven't implemented water effects yet.

Absolutely we should collaborate! ;) I usually update the wiki with new things that I find. Though, my recent work has been more of bugfixing (and really getting it playable).

With regards to other features, I have a built-in debug console (which is similar to the b3hn one) and the ability to load saved games from the original versions of Riven (I haven't implemented saving yet).

I've implemented only a few external commands. The aspit ones (I've worked a bit on the journals, I know basically how that works now) and the elevator on jspit.

My focus right now is eliminating that bug (that I mentioned earlier) and then moving on to getting video to work and then external commands.


PS - We could go by e-mail if you'd like.

Jean-Fran├žois Roy said...

Yeah, let's continue via email.