Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Riven Update

Been a while, but here's a Riven update! Today, I finally finished QuickTime seeking support, so I quickly jumped at the opportunity to implement another puzzle, and here are the results:

This is how I envision my death

Need some aspirin?

Also, the telescope actually moves now instead of just jumping from place to place. Stay tuned for more updates soon, hopefully, maybe!


PipeManMusic said...

I'm pretty exited about this. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

This is amazing! How much time would you estimate before all the puzzles are working?

clone2727 said...

@Craigy: About -6 days :P I finished all the puzzles last Tuesday and I've been on cleanup/bugfix patrol since.

All that's left now is the credits and a couple 'random background videos' (along with transitions and sound fading, and a couple very minor glitches).

Unknown said...

Oh... but last time I looked the trap where you catch the frog to learn what sound it makes didn't work. Isn't that required to be able to get to the rebel age unless you know what animal that sound goes to already?

clone2727 said...

@Craigy: No, you can see the outline of the ytram near the relevant eye marker.

The ytram trap is not required at all.

Unknown said...

I stand corrected :) keep up the great work!

clone2727 said...

@Craigy: Thanks :)

Of course, the Ytram trap will be working before we announce support for Riven ;)