Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back on the Shelves

No, sorry, it's not LucasArts adventure games. Nor does the recent interview really help in that direction.

Three Humongous Entertainment games are currently being sold in Target (at least in the United States): Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo, Freddi Fish 1, and SPY Fox 1. On a recent forum post, it appears that they might have some differences. Hopefully, it's not that encryption used by the downloadables (that you still have to pay for) off of Atari's website (ActiveMark's TryMedia, I believe).

On a sadder note, my laptop has officially died. It crashed (for the third day in a row), and on reboot, nothing works. It didn't actually finish starting 10.2.8, and all the graphics were messed up. I have a feeling the hard drive has conked out. Ironically, I was talking to Kostas on Sunday (before the first crash) about broken hard drives....

Go watch this in the meantime... (Yes, it's ScummVM related)

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