Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Eye of the Tiger

So, today, I chose to continue upgrading my laptop all the way to 10.4.11 (as a birthday gift to myself). Mostly for Firefox 3. Only kidding. And, surprisingly, it still runs just as fast (perhaps even faster) than it did with 10.2.8. Now time to download and compile all the stuff again.... 900+ MB for XCode 2.5.... Maybe now I can play Psychonauts or finish off S&M Season 2....

EDIT (6/23/08): Instead of just starting a new post, I'll just continue adding to this shorter one. Hey, it makes more sense to have one longer post than two short ones! :P I finished S&M Season 2. But, I'll be leaving home, heading out on the road for Atlanta later today. I'll see you all in a week. And, when I get back, I might even have a Wii! (Obviously for the new HE games to be released on the Wii, S&M, and ScummVM on the Wii!)


Unknown said...

You mean you play Psychonauts and S&M on your Mac. How?


clone2727 said...

Oh, I didn't mean that I played them on my mac. I used my PC for them.