Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More RTZ Sega Saturn Work

Benjamin and I looked into the files a bit more. There are some different files, and some that are similar. The files are basically mapped out now.

rtz.dat: The same format as the PC version, but in BE order.

rtz.prj: Similar to the PC version, in BE order, but smaller. Many images are separate or in videos.

*.16b: Raw 16bit images in BE order.

*.ton: Raw, uncompressed 16bit audio data in BE order.

*.cpk: Sega FILM videos with the Cinepak for Sega codec.

A few others (bootsnd.mp, bootsnd.map, sddrvs.tsk) still aren't known. My guess is that they are just drivers to play the audio. Just a hunch.

Another, rtz.ref, is the game state, but it is unknown how it is used...

While we have not disassembled the binary yet (a.bin), we have noticed large tables of filenames for the videos and images. The script functions are also listed in the executable. Hopefully in their correct order :P.


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Andrew Harrington said...

Hey. I know this is an old post, but this is the only thing i could find on it. It looks like you did work on both the PC and the Sega Saturn version of Return to Zork (there's actually a 2-PSX version too that has LOTS more full motion video than the PC version -- most of the dialogue lines are video -- but I haven't been able to get the Saturn version yet...) Anyhow, my question that I am wondering is if you know of any way to extract/convert the graphic files from the proj so that they are viewable as raw bmp. I am looking for the PC version here firstly, but it looks like you have knowledge of both.

Please let me know.