Friday, May 16, 2008


It's been eleven days since the last post. Perhaps it's time to update. For that one person out there reading this, this is for you.

I got the Manhole PCE extracted using TurboRip. That's all so far. It appears very different from RTZ/Manhole New & Enhanced after a brief glance. I'll probably have to compare it to an original Manhole PC version. When I get it....

Return to Zork Sega Saturn came the other day. To my surprise, it actually had rtz.dat/prj. Amazing! Most console ports (that at least I have dealt with, especially from a certain company that shall remain nameless) have used a custom form of the engine. There are still many differences. The rtz.dat/prj seem to be similar to the PC versions, except in BE order. The videos are Sega FILM (with Cinepak for Sega codec), and the graphics are 16bpp. Sound/sprite formats seem to be different, and possibly external functions as well. I uploaded a patch for detection and endianness correction, as well as a rough video parser. Well, Benjamin and I'll be working on it... and knowing myself, I'll slow the process down.

On a lighter note, Putt-Putt Joins the Parade 3DO Japanese came as well. After quickly extracting the data and adding detection, it worked fine. That was simple enough!

Tune in next time. Same clone channel. Same clone time. Well, maybe a slightly different time.


DrMcCoy said...

...And maybe even a different clone channel, when you forget your password again? :P

clone2727 said...

Well, I never "forgot" my password. I forgot the username it was under. Then, reclamation took a while. I had to go through the process several times to get it to work. ;)

So, DrMcCoy, you're my loyal user? :P

DrMcCoy said...

Password, username, same difference. :P

And loyal? Err, yes, yes, that I am. Loyal. Not wanting to kill you at all. Yeah. *cough*